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What Is A Cookie?

A cookie is a small file created on your computer by your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari etc) in order to aid in the usage of a site. Some cookies are there to simply help track users so the developers can get a better understanding of who is using the site and therefore customize certain aspects apporpriatly. Other cookies are more complex and help track information such as the contents of a shopping basket as you progress through a checkout system. 

Lastly the are cookies that simply logon and track your connection to the server that hosts the website. These type of cookies don't hold any personal information in the form of name, address, etc but do sometimes link to records on the server of your IP address. In most cases these are discarded when you leave the site, or at most within a few hours. 

For more information on what a cookie is please see here Cookies - Good To Know

For information on how to disable cookies in your browser please check your relevant browsers documentation or help system. 

What Cookies Do We Use?

We use a small cookie to track your session with the webserver and to help us get a better understand of who visits our site so we can customize the experince to indviduals needs. This cookie is called a "Session Cookie" and tracks no direct personal data. Additional it is a short-term cookie and will usually be deleted as soon as you close your browser or use your broswer "Cookie Clean" feature.