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RiverKids - What We Achieve

Since 2011 we have identified three specific areas on which we want to focus our fundraising activities.  We believe these appeals help us to include as many of west Lothian's children as possible. The appeals are...

1. The West Lothian Children’s Toy Appeal.
2. The West Lothian Disabled Child’s Appeal.
3. The West Lothian Gifted Child Appeal.


This is the story of a five year old child who could not walk upstairs due to his leg muscles being underdeveloped. To help improve his overall fitness, his family were advised that he needed many hours of Physiotherapy, two or three times a day. He was unable to walk short distances and went to school in a buggy. His self esteem was low and at break times he was excluded from joining in with his piers due to there being no bike suitable for him to use. If he had his own bike, his seemingly endless physio would be reduced, he could go on a family bike ride and he would go to school on a bike and not in a buggy. The family were advised that his physio would reduce if they bought him a specially adapted bike as he would get the exercise he needed and his overall fitness would improve quicker. The family wanted to provide the bike for their son, but the £1,500 cost was more than they could afford. They approached us and asked us to help. We worked with them and bought the bike. He now goes to school on his bike, he joins in at break times as his bike stays at school with him, and most importantly, he gets the physio he desperately needs in a fun way. The purchase of this bike has had a dramatic affect on the entire family. They have been out for that first bike ride as a family group. This shy quiet boy now brings people into the house to see his bike, his self esteem has risen and he is having fun whilst getting that much needed exercise.

This bike hasn’t saved a life or done anything dramatic, what it has done is provided a child with a fun way to improve his fitness, given him self esteem and confidence and helped the family in what was a stressful situation with hours of physio. It has given him quality of life. This is what we at River Kids want to do for every child referred to us, and with your help we can provide those non essential items that make a world of difference, not only to a child, but also to the entire family.